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Workout routine for men

Workout routine for men

The Workout routine for men can be tricky. Here are the 10 worst beginner misses when it comes to gym workout routines for men and women.

As a beginner, there are many pitfalls at the gym, but luckily there are here as your pastor in the training church.

Join us as we go through the most common mistakes you make during their first years at the gym!

Workout routine for men and women

OPTIMIZED O’Brien does not see the forest for all the trees.

He does his intake of EAA exactly around the training session, but he does not eat enough protein.

He has a super-advanced PWO, but he is up all night and plays computer games.

80 kilos in bench press!

He has a special exercise in the cables to access the underside of the pec, but he does not take 80 kilos in the bench press.

Yes you understand the thing: O‘Brien snows in on details and thinks they are more important than they really are.

It would not really have been any major problem, if it were not because it also causes him to miss many of the basics of diet, exercise and recovery that in fact account for 90 percent of the results.

Make sure to put the foundation first – then you can start with the finer!

PROFESSIONAL Paul subscribes to all American muscle magazines.

His training completely emulates the one that his idols on the Olympia stage are driving.

Jay’s routine for back, Branch’s best legs for legs and Phil’s most powerful arm program.

Unfortunately, Paul forgets that there are some differences between him and the Olympia guys.

Here we talk about genetic freaks that do nothing but exercise, eat and rest, and also not rarely checked a bit well in the medicine cabinet.

Instead of bombing biceps in 48 sets at different angles, Paul would do well to live by the “less is more” principle. If an exercise is not necessary – iron it.

Weight horny Victor likes to lift heavily. Fucking heavy. And there’s nothing wrong with it – if you don’t think it’s fun to lift heavily, you have the wrong hobby.

The problem with Viktor is that he wants to do it all the time, every pass and every rope should be really heavy.

Periodization does not exist in his vocabulary and if the truth is forth, it is well said and so with the technology sometimes.

It is simply cool to be able to bar 70 kilograms, then if it is really more about a freeway is another fifth.

And the bar in the bench is more like a bouncing basketball when he lifts three-digit.

As best he trains the wrong muscles and tears himself out and his nervous system with all his heavy training, which he worst damages himself and gets away from the exercise for a long time.

Smelly Susy is Viktor’s straight opposite.

She has learned how the machines work, found a weight that feels comfortable and rolls on the passport after the pass.

Week after week, month after month. The fact that the results do not appear may not be like a giant scare. To move forward in the gym you have to hunt more weight, more reps and better performance.

It is what is called progression, and it is only when the body responds to becoming stronger and bigger. New challenges – new body.

From time to time, it can also be a situation for changing exercises, and above all replacing a machine with dumbbells and bars.

Workout routine for men at gym

impatient Ivan wants results – preferably yesterday. But by the end of the summer. And he is ready to bet whatever it takes, at least for a month.

The problem is only that shortcuts often become late paths, even in the training world. Watch your workout as a marathon rather than a sprint, and enjoy the journey.

The secret is that many small results become big when they are put on high. The great thing about strength training is also that you can continue to develop much later than in other physical activities.

While football players practically have to put their shoes on the shelf as they pass the 30-stroke, strength training can make progress even after 50.

Periodic Pernilla loves exercise, from time to time. For a couple of months she can drive six days a week, and preferably two passes a day on certain days.

The food is super-knitted, and you have to look with loupe to find one gram of sugar in her diet.

The problem is just that it stops. Some missed workouts here, some cheating meal there and whispering: she’s completely out of the threads.

What Pernilla forgets is that continuity is A and Z to succeed in their training. This is where the ridiculously abused word “life puzzle” comes in handy.

If you get a training and diet pattern that fits with life in general, and thus you can keep it all without major slashes, your chances of success increase dramatically.

Training hard is important, but doing it regularly for a long period is even more important.

Workout routine for men

Hard Workout

Careless Conny has never thought that this with lifting technology is particularly important. In sneaky, he almost thinks it is a little dreadful, something that girls are engaged in.

Therefore, his bends look most like small juck, ground lift as cheese bows and dumbbell curls as kettlebell wings.

Like Viktor, he usually exercises completely different muscles than those he is craving for, and here the injury risk becomes almost even higher.

Workout routine for men can become problematic already at lower weights. But there is actually another aspect in the whole thing: In the long run, we also lose weight and results in not having the correct technology.

Even though it feels tempting to just roll on at the beginning, it is a bad idea to get in touch with knowledgeable people who can teach you how to lift. If you feel really ambitious, a tour is recommended to the experts.

If the ground lift you should learn, go to a strength lift club. Do you want to learn about voluntary activities?

Ask the weightlifts. Generally, people are much more helpful than you might think to help with workout routines for men.

And the stronger the person you ask, the less likely he or she has some kind of self-assertion and sniffs at a knowledgeable beginner.

Anorectic Adam would like to build muscle and his training is well organized. But there’s a problem: He doesn’t eat any food.

In his eagerness to construct a good diet program, he walks around on the lettuce, chicken fillet and cod.

Great food for a very good builder – but nothing here for a young guy trying to increase in mass.

Build muscles!

To build muscle, calories are needed, so it is only.

If you eat less than you do with it, it does not matter how clean the food is or how high quality it is on your raw materials, your increases will still be worse than they should be – or in the worst case, will not be entirely.

In other words, if you have problems gaining weight, it is time to release the eating disorder trends and start joking a bit more calorie-dense food. Or why not add a liter of standard milk a day?

Indecisive Irina
Indecisive Irina loves to read about training. She devours newspapers, books and everything she comes across online.

And she finds one program after another that seems good. The first week is Ronnie Coleman’s sex split, the second week is the Hirvis bench program.

What disrupts Irina is that she never thinks she gets the results she wants from the programs she tests, and therefore she also changes constantly.

What she doesn’t realize is that the actual change itself is a big part of the problem. To get the results of a program you have to give it a chance, and then it is not weeks without months we talk about.

You will often get the best results when you periodize your training and plan it varies over time, instead of jumping from one program to another.

It is also always a good idea to have a clear goal with the training period you are in. Do you want to build muscle? Do you want to be strong?

Want to scale fat? Usually, it is virtually impossible to do all things at the same time, so you do well in focusing on one bit at a time.

Stubborn Steven rubs off with his training. when it rains he runs – not a pass is missed. If there are breasts on the schedule, it is breast he is driving.

If there are five sets of bench press, there will be five to 6 sets. The setting is admirable, and in many cases successful regardless of what you are doing.

The problem is just that Steven doesn’t really listen to the body. If the shoulder says that it has no good day, it will still be those five-set bench press.

If Steven hasn’t got to sleep at night and worked 13 sweaty hours at work, the bend should still be run. And quite rightly the damages also accrue to Steven, and since he does not rest from the gym they never get better either.

Listening to the body sometimes goes into exaggeration – some rest a whole week only if they feel the slightest workout – but never making it leads to problems.

And if it is not injuries, it is at least worse because the body is never given a chance to recover when worn out. Unfortunately, the demon coach Dan John is right when he says:

“I recommend that as a hard-training individual take six weeks of training a year. And then I mean completely free: No basketball tournaments, no aerobics classes, nothing.” to take six weeks off, while those who practice hard will take those six weeks when they die.”


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