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What would Arnold have looked like without steroids?

What would Arnold have looked like without steroids?

What would Arnold have looked like without steroids? Arnold was born with very good genetics to build muscles, that is possible to see in the early years of Arnold’s career as an bodybuilder. He had the ability to pack on mass and that can be verified already before he even touched any anabolic steroids.

Arnold never used any HGH and therefore his 6 pack stomach never got to any problematic issues, as can be seen online on his own pictures when he was as biggest his stomach went inwards and not awkwards.


What would Arnold have looked like without steroids?

In his prime: still an absolutely amazing machine of a man. Not quite the whole “prime slab of beef” perhaps but years over years of sweating it out and gritting his teeth and his impeccable diet would surely have an enormous effect.

Don’t forget that back in the day these boys used to finish their workout and then build brick walls in their rest time make ends meet, then go back for evening sessions.

And if you’ve ever met a guy who builds brick walls for a living you can see the effect of just that job alone, even with beer chips and normal American diet they are still pretty stacked.

…Add gym and clean eating with obscene amounts of protein and Mr T would still be stacked as all hell. I’m thinking more along the lines of his later Terminator sizes, or when he had to play “civilians” (kg cop etc) but more looking like Stallone’s mass than approaching Conan or Predator. But undoubtedly still a total machine.

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