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What steroids build muscle?

What steroids build muscle?

What steroids build muscle? Answer: Basically all anabolic steroids and even testosterone itself builds muscles. This is why men are much more muscular than women, because a woman produces 1mg testosterone per day (yes you heard right, women also produces testosterone!) while a man produces about 10mg naturally per day. The difference is 10 times more than a woman.

But what steroids build muscles?

What steroids build muscle? Answer: Depending on what anabolic steroid that you uses you will see different results, such as: for example Oxymetholone aka “Anadrol” that is classified as one of the most harsh and strong anabolic steroid, will put on a whole bit of mass while you use the substance, this anabolic steroid will make you very strong while you use it, and you will feel a bit bloated, a little like with using Methandienone aka “Dianabol”! This does not mean that your recently gained muscles will stay after the anabolic steroid cycle.

What steroids build muscle?
What steroids build muscle?

Does Oxandrolone aka “Anavar” build muscles?

What steroids build muscle? Answer: In difference between the harsh anabolic steroids such as Anadrol, Dianabol (these are the 2 worst muscle builders due to their high ability to take up proteins and build muscles) we have the more expensive variants of anabolic steroids such as: Oxandrolone aka “Anavar“…

Anavar is very mild, it’s like a dream for many, but if you raise the dosages for men a bit up to 50-100mg / day then you will see a completely different muscle builder. All these designer anabolic steroids are derivatives from testosterone, where the manufacturer have to separate and isolate some active parts of the testosterone, resulting in a top notch product, hence the elevated price! These “more expensive” anabolics are actually the best you can use.

How Oxandrolone packs on muscles that stay for ever…

The Anavar steroids build muscle? Answer: Yes it does, in a cleaner way, without super bad side effects and will make you be able to keep the gains after completed Anavar cycle.

Other steroids that builds muscles?

They are all expensive, (and you will always have to add some kind of testosterone to your cycle to not lose you libido), as these derivatives of the male testosterone hormone are made almost entirely of the anabolic part (building part) and the androgenic part has been removed, you need to add pure testosterone.

What steroids build muscle?

Good steroids are not cheap, and cheap steroids are not good! The component: Methenolone (Enanthate, Acetate) aka “Primobolan” is an anabolic steroid that Arnold used, it is very mild, but you will keep your muscle gains. You can inject Primobolan, it’s a great steroid but not a cheap one. Trenbolone is not a mild steroid, but the results from Trenbolone are very impressive. With Trenbolone you almost do not have to train to get fit, it’s made to put on more muscles on cows to produce more meat, that can give you a hint.

Other steroids that builds muscles? Halotestin and Turinabol

Other than that, Fluoxymesterone aka “Halotestin” are a very great expensive to make anabolic steroid, 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone aka “TBOL” “Turinabol” is also a steroid to consider.

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