US Payment 3

Hi this is how you pay with a credit card

It’s not so easy to accept anabolic steroids and for you to have them paid with a credit card.


Because simply the big companies such as VISA and Mastercard, Paypal have strict policies that they do not accept payments using their cards for our products.


We’ve created a “small loophole” for you’ll and it’s working! 🙂

All our customers use it and thats why we know that it’s working!

To pay with any credit card, we think that this is the best way.

Please start with downloading the app to your phone here:

iPhones: click here

Android: click here

We have already removed the fee on checkout! You do not have to pay any fee!


Bank name: National Australia Bank
Branch code (BSB): 082182
Account number: 522131501


Write: Default Beneficiary (always works as it is the account number that counts)


Scan if you want, use cell phone.

Automatic Detection

This is how we will see that you have paid in success.

It's important that you contact us after payment.

Please download the wickr me app to contact us. The wickr chat app is good because it uses high encryption and automatic burner.

Click below, it’s free.

Then look us up, our name is: TTOKKYO