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Bodybuilding Rich Piana
The sports world is mourning the sudden death of Realtor Rich Piana, who tragically passed away on August 25. Rich Piana was a favorite and contentious bodybuilder who amassed a large social network after from people who had been fascinated by his crazy workout routines. Rich died by age 46 on August 25 after being placed from a medically induced coma fourteen days prior. His girlfriend, Chanel Jansen, had been giving him a haircut in the home when he fell and went unconscious. He entered his first competition in the 15, although he didn’t put, he went to train harder and win.

He won complete with a perfect score. He also came from first from the Sacramento Professional and also the Border States Classic XXX Bodybuilding, Fitness and also Figure Championships from the year 2009. He took 11th in the NPC United States Championships in 2003 and seventh in 1999. As if which weren’t impressive enough, he held a listing bench press 495 pounds, and a record squat of 585 pounds. For several years, people wondered the way that it was possible for someone to enter Rich’s size and shape. His physical fitness routine included eating a whopping 9 meals a day and ingesting several protein shakes.

He felt no doubt about it, and spoke publicly about how it was occasionally necessary if someone wanted becoming a bodybuilder. In case you’ve the choice to stay natural or make steroids, stay natural. If you wish becoming a pro bodybuilder, guess what – you are probably going to have to f- do em. You’re not going to have a choice. Rich had an enormous social network following, including 1.2 million followers on Instagram.


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