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Anabolic Steroids
Though much is known about the psychiatric and physical consequences of anabolic steroid abuse, very little is understood about their putative influence upon memory and learning. In a brand-new study published in The Open Psychiatry Journal we wanted to learn whether users reported some difference from using Anabolic androgenic steroids, or AAS. Our findings suggest that the drug may affect recollection in long term users. Anabolic androgenic steroids are synthetic chemicals that resemble testosterone and promote lean body mass and muscle growth. Since the mid 20th century, they’ve been used by athletes and bodybuilders to cut body fat and increase muscle size so as to gain the edge over their competitors.

They’re have become far more prevalent within non aggressive recreational sports groups and therefore are also frequently prescribed also for medical conditions such as delayed puberty and also for muscle wasting disorders like AIDS and cancer. AAS are often taken orally or injected directly into the muscles. Doses are often as high as 100 times larger than those generally prescribed clinically. In some specialist gym classes – such as bodybuilders and weightlifters – up to 38% may take AAS. The misuse of AAS brings with it a wide range of potential physical adverse consequences, including skin lesions, oedema, liver and kidney injury, heart disease, high blood pressure level and coronary disease.

Numerous psychiatric effects also have been reported, from mild irritation and agitation, depression, and increased aggression and violence – the so-called Roid rage – towards others. The types and level of problems experienced might differ depending on which types of steroids are being abused, their scheme of abuse, amount taken and the duration of abuse. At first study of its kind in 2013, psychologist Harrison Pope and co-workers discovered that long term AAS users had significantly worse on visuospatial memory task where they’d to remember a collection a visual routines which they were formerly shown, compared with non users. Pope explained the real world consequences by saying that problems in visuospatial memory could correspond to issues with finding a particular location, like somebody’s address or the location of a particular room in a building. For our study we analyzed if the long term use of AAS within a sporting context could influence every day memory.



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