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Thiomucase injection Anti Cellulite 50ml injectable

Mucopolysaccharidase Benzoate.

Thiomucase, mucopolysaccharidase Benzoato each pack contains 1 unit of vial 50ml to combat cellulite, sagging and fluid retention, excellent fat burner.

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Thiomucase injection box contains 1 ampoules injectable mucopolysaccharidase by MESOSLIM tightens your skin and may reduce the visible signs of aging by water dropping from cells of fat.

Thiomucase injection allows as much water as 20% more to be released from the cell of fat. It is a safe product and effective for treating and preventing cellulite.

Your component natural, mucopolysaccharidaseacts directly on the skin peel from Orange  reducing it in depth, and facilitating both the water retained and fat release and drainage.

This improves the hydration of the skin andoffers a touch firm and silky. On the other handand in parallel, the reducing effect of TThiomucase injection helps to shape body contour  allowing the release of tissuefat located between the skin and muscles.

Thiomucase injection Fat Reducer is an anti-cellulite cream with active reducing agents that act on cellulite.

Its concentrated formula acts directly on the origin of cellulite, reducing it in a visible way. It also firms the skin, stimulating the restructuring of collagen and stimulates circulation, favoring the elimination of liquids and toxins.

Thiomucase injection Fat Reducer reduces cellulite and accumulated fat, reduces the perimeter of the thigh to 19 cm, improves firmness and moisturizes the skin leaving it smooth and smooth. Visible effects after 14 days.

Thiomucase injection is an anti cellulite is one women’s biggest aesthetic enemies. Since it’s not always caused by extra weight, it can be quite complicated to make it disappear if you don’t consider using products suitable for its drainage. Both fluid retention and the accumulation of fat on the inside of the cells make up some of the main reasons why cellulite tends to have a presence in such complex areas such as the buttocks, abdomen, waist, hip, thighs or the arms.

Thiomucase injection Anti-cellulite cream incorporates active ingredients of vegetable origin to its formula, these jointly promote the definitive disappearance of orange peel skin.

This product’s rapid action is due to the incorporation of an active enzyme called mucopolisacaridasa; this enzyme is essential to the elimination of fat with Thiomucase injection, by favouring its disappearance in deeper areas and helping the lymphatic system to improve water retention.

With its smooth texture, it possesses a quick absorption rate, which improves moisture conditions from the skin and restores to the dermis its resistive nature and its silky touch.

The cream can be applied to various parts of the body, depending on the area where cellulite is present. It should be mentioned that it is a product which respects the skin’s stability, tested dermatologically and hypoallergenically.

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