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STADA PROVIRON MESTEROLONE 25MG 50, stada Proviron, also known as Mesterolone, is an orally active compound that has been prescribed to men struggling with hypogonadism.

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Stada proviron we are going to be talking to you today about a Stada Proviron cycle.

Yes, in the world of bodybuilding, there is a dirty little secret that not too many people speak of.

No, we’re not talking about Arnold’s controversial comeback Olympia win in 1980, we’re instead talking of the “S” word.

No, not that Stada proviron, we mean steroids.

To somebody with no real knowledge about human anatomy and health and fitness in general, steroids are the devil incarnate.

The mere mention of the word renders them unable to function and results in them mumbling words such as ‘road rage’ or ‘heart attack’.

Yes, we know that steroids are very dangerous, and we also know that they’re illegal but no two steroids are 100% alike.

Some of stronger than others, some are weaker than others, and some, in all honesty, you’d be better off not bothering with at all.

Today we’re focusing on one of the more popular and effective Stada proviron currently on every market.

Yes, we’re looking at running a cycle.

In this guide today we’ll be looking at what Stada proviron is, how it works, what it does, what a Proviron may look like, dosages, side effects, and whether PCT is required once your cycle is complete.

All of these questions, and more besides, will very shortly be answered.

Proviron, or mesterolone, is one of the oldest androgenic anabolic steroids currently on the market today.

It was created by a company known as Schering, who back in the 30s, was as big in the pharmaceutical industry as Apple is in the tech industry now.

That’s right, this steroid was first available on the market back in 1934.

That is pretty remarkable when you stop and think about it, as it means that it has been around before WW2.

Over the many years, it was available, it was marketed under many different names.

Despite this, Stada proviron still remained the most popular and it is Proviron how it is known to this day.

Though very unique, it shares a few similarities with Masteron, along with Winstrol and Anavar.

If you know your steroids, you’ll know that compared with the big boys like Tren, these steroids are actually quite mild.

You might like to check our article about Deca VS Tren.

Mild yes, but there are still powerful enough to provide impressive results and they can still do some damage.

Needless to say, this gives you an idea that Stada proviron is perhaps not as powerful as other steroids. It is, however, still very unique in its own way.

This steroid is not designed to be used for bulking purposes so if you want to become the next mass monster and pack so much size on that you’d give a prime Markus Ruhl a run for his money, Proviron isn’t for you.

It promotes lean muscle mass and fat loss and is, therefore, a great addition to many cutting stacks.

The FDA never actually approved Stada proviron for therapeutic use, though it was approved in many parts of Europe.

It was used to treat androgenic deficiencies and can be used to treat a wide range of fertility issues, especially in men.

This steroid is a structurally altered DHT hormone that possesses the methyl group located at the carbon one position.

It is an oral steroid, it carries an androgenic rating of 30 – 40 and an anabolic rating of 100 – 150.

This rating is compared with testosterone, which in both categories, carries a rating of 100.


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