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STADA ANADROL 50, 50 PILLS, Anadrol’s short half-life of 5-9 hours, doses should be split up and taken regularly throughout the day

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Stada anadrol 50 Abombs (Oxymetholone), is a DHT-derived oral anabolic steroid.

In bodybuilding, Anadrol is considered the most powerful oral steroid on the market.

Anadrol, also known as A-bombs or Oxy’s, is predominantly used by bodybuilders in the off-season (when bulking); significantly increasing muscular size and strength.

Stada anadrol 50 first came on the scene in 1959, when studied for research purposes by a pharmaceutical company named Syntex. They found Anadrol to be a successful treatment for anemia, osteoporosis and muscle-wasting conditions such as HIV/AIDS.

2 years later, Oxymetholone became available in the UK under the brand name Anapolon. Other brand names also came to the fore, including: Adroyd and Anadrol (marketed in the U.S).

In the early 1960s, Anadrol was widely available for bodybuilders to use for cosmetic purposes.

As Anadrol’s harsh side effects became increasingly well-known, the FDA limited prescriptions of oxymetholone in the mid-1970s. Bodybuilders were now unable to obtain Anadrol from their doctor, with it now being predominantly prescribed to patients suffering from anemia.

Stada anadrol 50 is one of the few steroids that is still FDA-approved for medicinal purposes today, alongside Anavar, Testosterone and Deca Durabolin.

Typical Benefits of Stada anadrol 50 (Oxymetholone)

There are many benefits associated with taking Anadrol. They include:

• An average gain of 20-30 pounds of lean muscle mass in 4-6 weeks of use
• Stada anadrol 50 works well when stacked with other bulking steroids like testosterone, deca or dianabol
• It elevates testosterone to unnaturally high levels causing rapid muscle growth
• Anadrol eases joint pains, often experienced during weight training
• It causes more fluid retention inside the muscles, increasing strength levels.

HUGE Muscle/Strength Gains

Anadrol is probably the greatest steroid in the world for building huge amounts of muscle mass.

…even ahead of dianabol.

Your muscles are going to blow up bigger and faster than ever. And you’re going to be lifting weights that you could of only dreamed of lifting before. And this can all happen in just the first week of taking anadrol.

Many who have taken Stada anadrol 50 and have got on well with it, include it in their ‘best ever stack’.

Rich Piana did just this, claiming his best ever cycle was when he stacked anadrol with trenbolone and testosterone. It’s thought that stacking it alongside androgenic steroids helps maximize its effects.

The recommended dose for taking anadrol is 50-100mg. If you’ve only recently started taking it you should start at 50mg, and if you’ve been on anadrol before you can go as high as 100mg. Anything above 100mg though is just asking for trouble.

Stada anadrol 50 is powerful enough as it is.

…and if there’s one steroid you shouldn’t overdose on – it’s A-drol.

However, all of these gains come at a price, as your side effects are going to be more (compared to taking other anabolics).

Will 25mg of Stada anadrol 50 Give You Good Gains?

Getting that ripped body you’ve always wanted is a no easy task, hence why some gym rats begin taking bulking steroids like anadrol. To get jacked, you not only need to bust your heiny in the gym, but you may also need to take steroids (if your genetics are weak).

Not many steroids can match anadrol when it comes to gaining lean muscle mass. It’s certainly in the same league as dianabol when it comes to adding size.

Stada anadrol 50 is quite simply among the most powerful anabolic steroids ever manufactured, and is super effective for increasing your strength too.

Although anadrol’s power is unquestioned, some people need to understand that anadrol isn’t just some magic pill, where you can take it haphazardly and make huge gains. In order to maximize your muscle gains on anadrol you need to do several things right:

In this article we’re going to discuss this 3rd point, your anadrol dosage. Take too little anadrol and you’ll be scratching your head as to why you’re not making gains. Take too much Stada anadrol 50 and you’ll end up in hospital. In this article we specifically look at the 25mg dose and whether it’s a good dose to use.

Anadrol Dosages

Users can get anadrol in liquid or pill form. The pills usually come in 25mg or 50mg values. The 50mg dosage is more popular among bodybuilders who’re eager to gain as much mass as possible. The 50mg pill also happens to be more readily available than the 25mg one.

Although the 50mg pill is extremely effective and delivers quick results, this doesn’t necessarily mean 50mg is the best dosage. 50mg a day is standard for users who’ve cycled anabolic steroids before.

For the beginner who’s new to bodybuilding and steroids, it’s safer to use the 25mg dosage. If this isn’t possible, more mild compounds should be used, such as testosterone.

Best Anadrol Dosage

Taking too much of Stada anadrol 50 will result in a whole load of negative side effects.

Take too little of anadrol and you’ll be cutting your gains short.

So how much should you take?

100mg of anadrol per day is standard for experienced bodybuilders looking to build muscle.


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