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Content: Pure alcohol from sugar cane (97%) PEG 400 primo e powder and tutti frutti flavor. Liquid Primobolan may be milder than other anabolic steroids and promise safer results; however, misuse – like with all things.

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Liquid Primobolan utilized by athletes and bodybuilders?

Liquid primobolan for one, it is without doubt one of the few feminine pleasant anabolic steroids in the marketplace. Much like Anavar, Primobolan has received a really low virilization ranking, which means girls can safely use it with out having to fret about creating facial hair, baldness or a deeper voice – brill!

Two, there may be the entire historical past behind Arnold Schwarzenegger utilizing Primobolan throughout his Mr Olympia days. Though this has by no means been 100% confirmed; his well-known physique has created a better demand for this steroid, as let’s face it – all of us wish to appear like Arnie.

But these factors are simply the tip of the iceberg…

One of many many causes Liquid primobolan (Primobolan depot particularly) is utilized by athletes and bodybuilders is as a result of:

  • As this DHT based mostly anabolic steroid just isn’t 17-alpha-alkylated however 1-methylated (for oral bioavailability), it may be used between cycles – throughout ‘off time’ – to assist keep muscle mass and power good points. The truth is, it’s good for chopping cycles as it could actually forestall muscle wastage and as an alternative aid you to keep up all the muscle you gained bulking, while permitting you to learn from a calorie poor food regimen. With a well-planned food regimen, Primobolan can produce good conditioning results, which can depart you trying more durable, extra outlined and chiselled.
  • Its efficiency is barely barely decrease than Deca Durabolin.
  • It causes much less inhibition than testosterone or Deca Durabolin (by way of anabolic results) due to its lack of conversion into DHT; low central nervous system exercise, and diminished threat of aromatization (which might result in man boobs – no thanks).
  • It’s a delicate anabolic steroid, which means even in the event you took a excessive Primobolan dosage, it gained’t convert into estrogen or set off breast enlargement (and we’re not speaking in regards to the women – we imply breast improvement in males! Thanks, however no thanks).
  • Improves lively and whole testosterone by selling intercourse hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and luteinizing hormone (LH).
  • It produces little to no negative effects in comparison with different high anabolic steroids which generally trigger liver toxicity and harm; enlarged breasts, shrunken testicles or a better voice; temper swings/roid rage. As a substitute, with PCT and cautious dosages you possibly can keep away from all of those.
  • Its efficiency enhancing results can final for months – yep, your arduous work gained’t disappear in a cloud of smoke. As a substitute, Liquid primobolan will defend your lean muscle tissues from wastage; will encourage elevated fats burn, and can aid you to keep up your muscle good points lengthy after you cease.
  • Its power constructing capabilities – Liquid primobolan can assist you to enhance your power with out including an excessive amount of muscle mass, which is useful for athletes who aren’t bodybuilders.
  • It encourages improved muscle restoration and endurance.
  • It’s a good fats burner because it helps to boost your metabolic price.

Its oral kind is very helpful, as it’s the solely oral steroid to NOT be a C17-aa steroid. Now while the shortage of C17-aa means it’s not poisonous to your liver, it additionally means it’s delicate/thought-about weak in comparison with different steroids i.e. most males gained’t expertise the identical degree of anabolic exercise.

That’s the reason lots of males want to make use of Primobolan Depot – because the injection is stronger – while girls normally follow the oral kind as a consequence of these exact same delicate results.

In some ways Liquid Primobolan works like different anabolic steroids. It boosts protein synthesis (to a level) and it’ll reasonably enhance your purple blood cell depend.

Nevertheless, it’s got three distinguishing options that make it completely different to the others:

  • It dramatically improves nitrogen retention, making certain catabolic states are prevented and that you’ll be able to efficiently construct lean muscle tissue. True these good points gained’t be large, however they’ll nonetheless be spectacular.
  • It’s got a robust binding affinity for androgen receptors which has been linked to direct lipolysis. Now, while all anabolic steroids can enhance your metabolic price, Liquid Primobolan is believed to instantly help fats loss, making it good for chopping.
  • Research have discovered that it could actually considerably improve your immune system. The truth is, it has efficiently been used within the therapy of AIDS, providing people an immunity increase in addition to safety from muscle wastage.

Liquid Primo dosage and cycles

The perfect Liquid Primobolan dosage for males is roughly 200-400mg per week, or 50-150mg per day (in the event you’re competing). For ladies, that is dramatically much less at simply 50-100mg per week (though some research recommend 25-75mgs per day is secure).

Suggestions :

  • Stacking : it’s best stacked with Deca Durabolin, Testosterone, Trenbolone, Masteron, Anavar, Winstrol, Dianabol, Clenbuterol, T3 or Anadrol.
  • In the direction of the tip/after the tip of your cycle, it’s steered that you simply use Nolvadex, HCG or Clomid, as this helps to reinforce the bioavailability of another steroids you’ve got used throughout your cycle, while stopping any estrogenic negative effects e.g. oily pores and skin, zits, bloating or gynecomastia.
  • On account of its fame for being a great fats burner, Liquid Primobolan is commonly utilized by athletes between cycles – throughout their ‘off-time’ – because it helps them to keep up muscle mass and any power good points they’ve made. The truth is, doing a Primobolan cycle for pre-contest chopping just isn’t unusual amongst competing bodybuilders.
  • Typical Primobolan cycle – irrespective of the quantity you’re taking – the low 50mg a day to the competing 100mg – Primo is normally used as a part of an 8 week cycle. Notice right here how we stated ‘a part of the cycle’? Nicely, it is because Primo’s whole use shouldn’t prolong past 6 weeks. Because of this, many athletes will cut up the cycle and can use a number of anabolic steroids e.g. males usually begin off with Sustanon 250 and Anadrol for the primary 2 weeks; Sustanon 250, Anadrol and Nolvadex from weeks 2-4, earlier than switching to Sustanon 250, Primobolan and Nolvadex from weeks 5-8, after which ending with simply Nolvadex for two weeks.
    NOTE : for these utilizing Primo for the primary time, your Primobolan cycle solely be 25mg per day.
  • Girls – while these competing can handle a 25-50mg dose of Liquid Primobolan a day ; it is suggested that ladies take smaller doses of Primo and pair it with Anavar.


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