Liquid Methyltestosterone orals 300 drops 15ml 5 drops = 25mg


Content: Pure alcohol from sugar cane (97%) PEG 400 methyltestosterone powder and tutti frutti flavor. LIQUID METHYLTESTOSTERONE is a male hormone. This medicine is used to treat low testosterone levels in males

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Liquid Methyltestosterone what’s it?

Liquid Methyltestosterone is a man-made type of testosterone, a naturally occurring intercourse hormone that’s produced in a person’s testicles. Small quantities of testosterone are additionally produced in a girl’s ovaries and adrenal system.

Liquid Methyltestosterone is utilized in males and boys to deal with situations attributable to an absence of this hormone, similar to delayed puberty or different hormonal imbalances. Methyltestosterone can also be utilized in girls to deal with breast most cancers that has unfold to different components of the physique.

Liquid Methyltestosteronee may be used for functions not listed on this medicine information.


Don’t use methyltestosterone in case you are pregnant.

You shouldn’t use methyltestosterone if in case you have prostate most cancers or male breast most cancers.

Earlier than taking this drugs

You shouldn’t use methyltestosterone in case you are allergic to it, or if in case you have:

  • prostate most cancers;
  • male breast most cancers; or
  • in case you are pregnant or might turn into pregnant.

To verify Liquid Methyltestosterone is secure for you, inform your physician if in case you have:

FDA being pregnant class X. This drugs can hurt an unborn child or trigger delivery defects. Don’t use Liquid Methyltestosterone in case you are pregnant. Inform your physician straight away for those who turn into pregnant throughout therapy. Use efficient contraception when you are utilizing methyltestosterone.

It’s not recognized whether or not methyltestosterone passes into breast milk or if it may hurt a nursing child. You shouldn’t breast-feed whereas utilizing this drugs.

How ought to I take Liquid Methyltestosterone?

Comply with all instructions in your prescription label. Your physician might sometimes change your dose to ensure you get one of the best outcomes. Don’t take methyltestosterone in bigger or smaller quantities or for longer than beneficial.

Whereas utilizing methyltestosterone, you could want frequent blood assessments.

Liquid Methyltestosterone can have an effect on bone progress in boys who’re handled for delayed puberty. Bone improvement might should be checked with x-rays each 6 months throughout therapy.

Retailer at room temperature away from moisture and warmth.

The historical past of liquid methyltestosterone

Liquid Methyltestosterone is among the oldest accessible oral steroids. It’s produced by many alternative producers and offered in numerous international locations together with the U.S.. It’s fairly androgenic, with minimal anabolic results.

For athletic functions, methyltest is usually solely used to stimulate aggression amongst energy lifters and people seeking to increase up their exercises. Many methyltest tabs are sublingual (to be positioned underneath the tongue) for quicker absorption. These tabs can usually be recognized by a notable citrus taste to them.

A pair tabs positioned underneath the tongue earlier than a go to to the health club might make for an aggressive exercise. Other than this, Liquid Methyltestosterone presents little besides androgenic unwanted effects. It’s fairly poisonous, elevating liver enzymes and inflicting pimples, gynocomastia, aggression and water retention fairly simply.

Have been one to tolerate these side-effects, methyltest will provide little greater than some slight energy good points. One in search of high quality muscle mass from a steroid cycle must be wanting elsewhere. Counterfeit steroids generally include solely methyltest in an effort to deceive the client. This is because of the truth that it is vitally low-cost in bulk and clearly might idiot an inexperienced person.


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