Axiom tren e compounds contains Trenbolone hormone attached to an ester (Enanthate), which helps control the hormone-releasing activity. Trenbolone Enathate is chiefly used for bodybuilding purpose, including cutting and bulking

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Axiom tren e is an anabolic steroid that’s three times more powerful than testosterone.

The main reason bodybuilders take trenbolone is because it works synergistically with testosterone and other steroids to increase muscle building, fat loss, and strength gains.

The side effects of Axiom tren e are a shutdown of natural testosterone production, a decrease in testicle size, breast growth, “tren cough,” acne, and an increased risk of a number of diseases

The modern-day bodybuilding mantra is — ‘Eat Clen and Tren hard.

‘Clen’ stands for Clenbuterol, an incredibly potent fat burner used by bodybuilders to get ripped (typically before a competition).

‘Tren’ is short for Axiom tren e, one of the most powerful anabolic steroids in existence, in regards to gains AND side effects. Trenbolone is an injectable anabolic, used to gain large amounts of lean muscle and strength; whilst enhancing fat loss.


is also unique in the sense that it’s a ‘dry’ compound, contrary to other bulking steroids, which are typically ‘wet’. This means that Trenbolone doesn’t convert to estrogen, thus users do not experience water retention or fat accumulation during a cycle.

However, these adverse effects are almost certain when cycling Anadrol or Dianabol for example.

Axiom tren e is also a versatile compound, being utilized as a cutting or bulking steroid.

However, Trenbolone is more popular when bulking and trying to add mass, as its anabolic effects significantly outweigh its fat-burning properties.

Trenbolone was never intended for humans, being used in veterinary to bulk up cattle, before going to the slaughter. However, it wasn’t long before bodybuilders observed the anabolic effects in animals and began experimenting on themselves. Such tests were a huge success, although their gains came at a cost — experiencing harsh side effects.

The two most popular forms of Axiom tren e are — Enanthate and Acetate. Although they are essentially the same compound, they have different esters. Trenbolone Acetate is made up of short esters — and Enanthate longer ones.

This means that Acetate will work faster than Enanthate, and subsequently, cycles can be shorter. Trenbolone Acetate will also clear out of the body quicker than Enanthate — giving it a longer half-life.

Despite this variation in structure, both compounds will result in similar gains post-cycle.

In this article, we’ll be detailing the top 5 Trenbolone cycles that bodybuilders use to either bulk up or get ripped.

Trenbolone-Only Cycle: This article details various Tren cycles that are essentially stacks, however a Trenbolone-only cycle is still a popular and powerful protocol. To run Tren by itself, simply stick to the dosages below (minus the Testosterone).

Trenbolone / Testosterone Cycle

This is the most popular Axiom tren e cycle, given the fact Testosterone is a mild compound and can be easily stacked to significantly enhance gains — without dramatically worsening Tren’s side effects.


Supplements together with Axiom tren e:

  • Fish oil – 4g/day
  • Letrozole (optional) – 1.25mg every other day


  • HCG – 2000 IU administered every other day for 20 days
  • Nolvadex – 2 x 20mg for 45 days
  • Clomid– 2 x 50mg for 30 days


Muscle and strength gains on this cycle are likely to be exceptional, with minimal water retention; thus making it a very aesthetic bulking cycle with Axiom tren e.

Testosterone is also an injectable steroid, thus it doesn’t pose any extra strain to the liver.

Testosterone is also one of, if not the best steroid for the heart; with it only having a mild effect on LDL/HDL cholesterol levels. Thus, as far as Axiom tren e stacks go — this is the safest.

Side Effects

Any Trenbolone cycle will cause some issues for users (simply because of the Axiom tren e). The main risks with this cycle are severe testosterone suppression post-cycle and the risk of high blood pressure.

Thus, the outlined PCT must be implemented to kick-start endogenous testosterone back to normal levels again.

Androgenic side effects are almost certain, as Tren and test both have strong androgenic properties. This may be in the form of oily skin, acne, hair loss or difficulty urinating.

Oily skin isn’t anything to be concerned about; however, acne can be severe and extreme in users who are genetically susceptible to this. Hair loss, thinning or recession on the scalp is common when using these two steroids, due to heightened levels of DHT (causing damaged hair follicles).

If cycles are used sparingly, such hair loss may be reversed post-cycle; however, if someone aggressively utilizes these steroids long-term; such hair loss may be permanent.

Prostate enlargement can be signified by difficulty urinating, which may occur when taking this cycle.

Gynecomastia is possible on this cycle, due to the testosterone aromatizing. Thus, high estrogen levels may cause breast tissue to enlarge in males.

Trenbolone can also cause gynecomastia, albeit not from a rise in estrogen — but progesterone.

Progesterone can cause estrogen-like effects; however. an anti-estrogen is usually effective in treating high progesterone side effects.

A SERM would usually be used (such as Clomid or Nolvadex) to prevent gyno from Testosterone, however in this case it would exacerbate progesterone levels — increasing the chance of gynecomastia from the Axiom tren e.

Thus, an anti-estrogen would be the best option for counteracting the chances of enlarged breast tissue. However, there is a drawback with anti-estrogens, as they have the power to reduce HDL cholesterol and increase blood pressure.

This is bad news, considering blood pressure is already likely to be high during this cycle.

Therefore, one strategy would be to have an anti-estrogen ready if you start to notice swollen nipples. As soon as you start experiencing the early stages of gyno, you can start running Letrozole in the dosages stated above.

This will help to reverse the swelling and prevent any further enlargement of breast tissue. However, running letrozole before experiencing any gyno issues, is just going to place excess strain on the heart.


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