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what is Anadrol50?

Anadrol50, a strong anabolic androgenic steroid, is a super performance improving drug in case you are searching out a drug that may enhance the production and urinary release of erythropoietin with out main to not unusual side outcomes of steroids.

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This 17α-Alkylated steroid is medically prescribed for the remedy of health conditions which include anemia and osteoporosis. Anadrol50 will also be encouraged to stimulate muscle increase in underdeveloped or malnourished patients. This time table III drug has the chemical name of 17ß-hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethylene)-17-methyl-5a-androstan-three-one and has the molecular system of C21H32O3. This steroid can be detected over a length of six to 8 weeks and has the melting factor of 178° to a hundred and eighty°C. It has an energetic life of almost 14-16 hours and its anabolic/androgenic ratio is 320:45.

Anadrol is just one of many brand names of Oxymetholone; an extremely popular bulking steroid in bodybuilding circles nicknamed ‘A-bombs’. It’s no surprise that Anadrol50 is a controlled substance, illegal to use outside of its prescribed purposes. Still, hard-gainers around the globe try to get their hands on it, but at what cost to their health?

Let’s take a quick look at what Anadrol actually is before we get into the nasty details of what it can end up doing to your body.

What is Anadrol50 ?

Anadrol is an extremely strong androgenic steroid that was first produced in the 1960s. It can increase your red blood cell count, so it can be good for those who suffer from severe anaemia. It’s also been used to treat osteoporosis and more recently seen an increase in popularity to treat HIV/AIDS wasting syndrome.

With its ability to promote blood cell production and improve nitrogen retention it’s no surprise that Anadrol improves your ability to bulk up and gain mass by improving protein synthesis. Effectively Anadrol has the power to make your body a muscle building powerhouse.

The standard daily dosage of Anadrol50 is 50mg. With Anadrol 50 tablets being the common dose of Oxymetholone on the market, at this dosage moderate gains can be made. Frequently this dosage gets upped to 100mg by many bodybuilders where the gains are much more pronounced, increasing dosage to 150mg has minimal impact but dramatically increases the side effects and is commonly thought to not be worth the risk.

Being one of the most powerful steroids available today, only a knucklehead would believe there’s no such thing as Anadrol side effects. Let’s take a look at 5 of the main issues you could face with this drug:

Anadrol Pros

Typical Benefits of Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

There are many benefits associated with taking Anadrol. They include:

• An average gain of 20-30 pounds of lean muscle mass in 4-6 weeks of use
• Anadrol works well when stacked with other bulking steroids like testosterone, deca or dianabol
• It elevates testosterone to unnaturally high levels causing rapid muscle growth
• Anadrol eases joint pains, often experienced during weight training
• It causes more fluid retention inside the muscles, increasing strength levels.

HUGE Muscle/Strength Gains

Anadrol is probably the greatest steroid in the world for building huge amounts of muscle mass.

…even ahead of dianabol.

Your muscles are going to blow up bigger and faster than ever. And you’re going to be lifting weights that you could of only dreamed of lifting before. And this can all happen in just the first week of taking anadrol.

Many who have taken anadrol and have got on well with it, include it in their ‘best ever stack’.

Rich Piana did just this, claiming his best ever cycle was when he stacked anadrol with trenbolone and testosterone. It’s thought that stacking it alongside androgenic steroids helps maximize its effects.

The recommended dose for taking anadrol is 50-100mg. If you’ve only recently started taking it you should start at 50mg, and if you’ve been on anadrol before you can go as high as 100mg. Anything above 100mg though is just asking for trouble.

Anadrol is powerful enough as it is.



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