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Polices in USA never used anabolic steroids


They just do their job 😂 Ronnie coleman never used steroids or hgh or insulin!!

All wants to get big. The Goverment agent Arnold Swartzenegger could be the first president in the United States history with a muscle weight exceeding 331 LBS 🤨

Steroids is a grey zone, the gov will not touch it, but NEVER try to deal with drugs or you’re in big problems, even not Valium and other benzodiazepines.

USA is kind of built on anabolic steroids and Big Macs. You will be ok with this.

If you own a website and try to add other stuff suit yourself.

The anabolic steroids is to big, and to many wants it, does do some harm but doesn’t give any high, the USA gov can’t handle it, it’s like handle unlike people.



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