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We have around 5000 products shipped from different places in the world.

Almost all product reaches our customers within a week sometimes 2. Some customers prefers original brands and then we ship from Europe, it will come in easy and nicely packed in a unmarked package.

Other customers prefers high quality budget brands, that is more like walmarts own product, it says walmart on the product but the content is the same if not even better. (It is an example only).

Our own brands

While all the other focus on labels that glows in different colors and packages and plastic around the packages itselves, we are more worried about the product itself! Because 1000 labels with holograms and all packing around it costs about $1000 extra, it is ok and it is nice and all but we want to offer the best prices possible so we print our labels ourselves and save all this money to buy better products and make these products better.


A trenbolone that is not brown or very yellow for acetate is not trenbolone acetate. A trenbolone that is not a bit yellow for slow enanthate is not trenbolone enanthate. Trenbolone is never transparent, but all testosterones as propionate enanthate, cypionate, sustanon and deca too is transparent.

And not only that, we can add contents as ethyl oletate and i do not think that anyone else is using MCT oil because that is very expensive, it is really good for the body and you lose weight with it too.

mct oil
ethyl oleate

We use ethyl oleate because it is a substance that helps us make a more concentrated product with higher mg per ml without crashing. But this is expensive stuff and goes for about $100 per l000ml and the MCT oil goes for about $50 per 1000ml (per 1000cc). But as we do not use fancy labels we can still keep it nice and good for our customers. We also triple filter all products before leaving the warehouse.

DHL and contacts

We have managed to get really good contacts inside various couriers as DHL UPS and we have signed up with these companies to get our own importation codes, so the odds that you will receive in a very fast manner (as we use priority shipping) is very high it is like 100%, with contacts inside customs it is more easy, and money talks.

Strong products and more in the vials?

We can easily give the luxuary of giving you one or 2 more mls – cc, and we always do fill up all our vials to 11 or 12 ml-cc per vial not like it is supposed to 10cc per vial.

PIP, is about pain in the ass.

We actually used o have some pain in the ass before, because of the covid 19 we just had to find a solution to kill the virus if any. But now all our products are 100% PIP free! 

Stealth and packing

All our products comes un marked except for the stuff originals from Europe. But the labels are there! and we always give you information where you can find them and what is what. All products is nicely packed and stealth packed with metal bags. All is very clean very professional.


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