How to stay alive as a bodybuilder

I can bet a big amount of money that all other online anabolic steroid sellers online will not include this as a post for you as an individual and human. The only thing they want is to sell, and that includes ourselves.

how to survive as a bodybuilder

Rich Piana, Dallas, Dallas McCarver.

For real they both occupied a lot of space in the graveyard, because they were so big. But many more bodybuilders dies of the most common death way: cardiovascular decease. You do not want to end up as them but i know you will never give up steroids and bodybuilding either, so here is my 20 cents.

How can you do to protect yourself pretty easy?

America was built on anabolic steroids, it has become a grey zone substance and a sport IFBB to become a pro bodybuilder, but it can come with a high price. Some people have other genetics than other people, but you can never be sure.

Do not take my words for it, go to a doctor and let them prescribe cheap medications that will indeed save your life.

Let the doctors do a checkup, the younger you are the better it is! But when you’re young you are not thinking as the veterans, you think that you own the world and will live forever.

That’s where you’re wrong! But if you do as i say it might save you a lot of trouble in the coming years.

Forget about bitch tits and liver cleanse for now.

Because this will save your ass.

  • First you want to check your blood pressure, buy an Omron or something and google “normal rates” or let the doctor do it. If your BP is high (probably).
  • If it is high you will need Ramipril 5mg daily together with 100mg Metoprolol daily (slows down heartbeat makes you feel good) (You can take diuretics for emergencies only)
  • Second, you do not want that plaques builds up inside your arteries, because coronary artery disease starts when fats, cholesterols and other substances collect on the inner walls of the heart arteries. This condition is called atherosclerosis. The buildup is called plaque. Plaque can cause the arteries to narrow, blocking blood flow. And there you got your heart attack, you can be lucky or un lucky.
  • You need to take half of an Aspirin every day, do not miss it, it will give you a nice blood flow with no coagulations.
  • You will also ask for ezetimibe (Ezetrol) and Lovastatin or Rosuvastatin together with Atorvastatin, doses up to 90mg is not rare, but as it cause pain in the muscles, just take 20mg of each, these 3 will lower your cholesterol and there you go! Take it before bed when the cholesterol works harder.
  • You are now combating what kills some bodybuilders, and probably you will survive, the difference is hugh as before chances are like 50% and with these medications it will drop to a 90% – 100% survival normal life while still on anabolic steroids.
  • When you go off roids, check your BP as it will drop, so that you do not droto the floor lol, with low BP.
  • Good luck, we have it in our arsenal, but better consult medics. Just do it!
  • You might want to use this medications as a pre-help for the future, as early as possible in your BB carrer.
  • Pass on the word to other bodybuilders please share!
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