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How to inject anabolic steroids

How to inject anabolic steroids on your own- safely, is to follow a couple of guidelines and procedures.

Sterilize your rubber seal with an alcohol swab.

Drawing your oils, you should use a 22g syringe, 20g leave large holes in your rubber seal that will leave a permanent hole in the extraction seal.

Fill your syringe with 3cc’s of air, insert the pin into the rubber and fill the bottle with air. (Creates easier drawing- causes bottle to pressurize).

Draw your oil.

Change the syringe from a 22g to a 28g for comfort, this also ease pain- you have a very sharp needle and not a dull compromised one.

Leave the safety cap on the 28g and sterilize your injection site- wait 15s for alcohol to dry and also kill bacteria.

If you’re injecting into the extremities of your body- such as your calf, deltoid, bicep, triceps, you have a capacity of 1cc of oil. Any more than 1cc will overwhelm the muscle and you will leak oil.

Bicep you inject directly into the center. (1/2″ 28g is recommended)

Deltoid you inject into the middle deltoid, also directly in the center. (1/2″ 28g)

Calf muscle directly into the center. (1/2″ 28g)

Quads– you want to pin into the tear drop muscle and your capacity increases to 2cc’s. (1″ 28g)

Glutes you need to pin 4″ above the center of your butt. Your capacity is 3cc’s. (3″ 28g)

How to inject anabolic steroids
How to inject anabolic steroids

Don’t stab into your injection site quickly, ease your way into the muscle- you may hit a nerve and that will scare the shit out of you. Slow and easy, all the way down.

Before you begin to insert the oil into the muscle, pull back on the plunger- if you pull blood, trash your entire setup and start fresh. Don’t use this! Blood will coagulate and you can fuck yourself up. Discard the entire setup. Start fresh.

If you see air bubbles form inside of your syringe, you have the green light to SLOWLY inject the oil intramuscularly. Take your time, don’t inject too fast.

When you’re finished, do not withdraw the syringe immediately, wait 10–15 seconds to allow the oil to settle into the muscle. If you avoid this, you will leak oil after pulling the pin from the muscle.

Pull the pin out from your muscle, grab another alcohol swab and place it over the injection site, massage the site to help the oil absorb and disperse into the muscle evenly.

Do not fall in love with injection sites, if you don’t rotate your sites, you will get scar tissue formation. You will know when you have scar tissue- while penetrating skin/fat, it will feel like an eraser instead of fleshy niceness.

Follow the directions closely and you are good to go.

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