Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social
well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.- World Health

When we talk about health, we only equate health to the
absence of disease and fitness to a slim and toned body. Health is a very
simple word but has different and broad dimensions associated with itself.
Health is dynamic and has many dimensions such as

1. Emotional health- Emotional health refers to how well
you cope with your emotions and understand them in your daily life.

2.Intellectual health- This refers to having a mind that is
open to knowledge and new ideas.

3. Spiritual health- As the name suggests, it is how calm
we are inside and our deal with the outer world striking a balance.

4.Occupational Health- When you are happy with what work
you do and are surrounded in a healthy environment.

5. Social health- This reflects how well we perform our
social responsibility and live with harmony in our society.

6.Physical Health- This is also an aspect of health. It
means how well we eat, exercise and adopt healthy habits for our body and

People only focus on one aspect that is physical fitness,
we focus on exercises, hitting the gym. Our primary goal becomes to be in
shape, and we do not consider other aspects of health.

The main factor that determines our health is our lifestyle
and researches tell that many people die due to lifestyle diseases and not
illness. Diseases such as cancer, heart diseases result from a lifestyle which
includes overeating, smoking, high levels of stress, high blood pressure.
Cancer is associated with both nutritional and human activity environmental
factors. An unhealthy lifestyle is also at the root of suicide and homicide. A
sedentary lifestyle is responsible for 23% of deaths from leading chronic

In order to improve our health, we need to make healthy
changes in our days. We all have the knowledge but we do not have the will to
make necessary changes. The first step to enhance our health is to make small
changes in our lifestyle and do a little bit for every aspect of health.

When you wake up, sit in silence for some time and
meditate. Think of how you are dealing with emotions and talk to your inner
self. Take daily affirmations of peace and patience. You will see how much
positive changes it will bring to you mental and spiritual health. Spare a
minute everyday to thank god for everything you have. Engage yourself in some
exercise daily even for a short time. This way you will work on all the aspects
of your body.You are the temple and you have to take care of your own health.

Now you know what health is, and the next time anyone
refers to it, You know what is the true reflection of health.

It is truly said that “Health is wealth”,Without
health we are nothing and we can experience nothing. Always take time out for
yourself and introspect on the quality of lifestyle you are living .

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