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Exercises with dumbbells

Exercises with dumbbells at home

Easy trainings and exercises with dumbbells – this is how you do it!

exercises with dumbbells
exercises with dumbbells

Work out at home, with and without gear

The gym is not a place for everyone, but it is still important to move around. Some find other premises – eg. swimming pools or climbing halls – where they enjoy working out. 

Others go out into the countryside on walks, running tours or bike rides. For some, however, it is just easier to practice at home. 

It is easier to fit into the schedule, and you do not have to go to a certain place every time you have to train.

Strength training at home

Training, but especially strength training, is something associated with the gym. However, it is excellent that strength training at home, even without or with small equipment. 

For example, one can come a long way with a pull-up rod that can be attached to a door frame. You can also invest in rubber bands in different strengths, some different dumbbells or a kettlebell.

Work out at home with a rubber band

Except that it is very functional and gentle to train with rubber bands, it is also very effective. Because rubber bands are neither expensive nor take up much space, almost anyone can invest in a couple different. 

This makes it possible to train both challenging and varied at home. There are several exercises that are traditionally not performed with rubber bands that are excellent to do. 

Some examples are biceps curls, axial lift to the side, ground lift and rowing.

Exercises at home with dumbbells

Just like rubber bands, dumbbells can be used to make exercises heavier. 

The exercise that most people think of when they think about exercising with dumbbells is probably dumbbell curls. 

This is certainly a good exercise to strengthen the arms, but the possibilities with a couple of dumbbells are considerably larger. Some examples of exercises that can be performed with dumbbells include:

  • Outcome steps (with a dumbbell in each hand)
  • Landscape dumbbell press (can be done on the floor)
  • Tricepscurls
exercises with dumbbells
exercises with dumbbells

It is also possible to combine different exercises into a single exercise. An example of such an exercise is squat + shoulder press. 

This type of exercise is effective for a heart rate enhancing exercise that simultaneously exercises the entire body.

Work out at home without gear

Anyone who does not want to invest in various accessories, however small they may be, can work out at home without gear.

One comes a long way with only his body weight as resistance.Some classic examples of strength exercises that do not require anything other than their own body are the plank, push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. 

Exercises such as lunge steps and squats can also be done without weight.

An example of a form of exercise that can be very challenging is yoga. No tools are used here, but despite this, everything is challenged from strength to balance to endurance. 

This is also a gentle form of training for those who have pain in the joints, such as osteoarthritis.

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