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Exercises for abs

Exercises for abs coret training:

6 effective exercises for abs to get a flat & strong stomach!

Loved the belly, loved the core! 

Who fights so hard and is involved in the vast majority of movements we have for us. Whose muscles are with when we sit, stand, go …

Now is the time to put all the focus here for a while, because it is the coren really worth it! 

A strong stomach gives a good foundation in all other training we are doing. Not least, it gives us the attitude we need to be able to lift the right and move us smoothly.

If we are weak in the body’s core, we will easily have problems with everything from back to knees and even feet.

You can train your stomach more frequently than, for example, legs, says PT: David D-Flex Seisay.Just because it is always with us.

Here is David’s program for you who want to quickly give your stomach and core some extra power!

exercises for abs
exercises for abs

6 exercises for abs for those who want a strong flat stomach

Before you start – warm up for a few minutes by jogging or jumping rope. 

Remember to push the navel against the spine to engage the abdominal support, throughout the pass. 

Feel free to drive the passport three times a week, with a rest day between. Keep in mind that technology is more important than tempo.


A. Lie on your back with your legs at about 90 degrees.

Excerices for abs

B. While pushing your hips upward while you sit up one side up, lift your upper body forward and turn obliquely to one end. 

Here you should not try to meet your knee with your elbow, work instead of always with parallel forearms. 

Imagine when the right elbow points at two o’clock then the left elbow points at eight o’clock – when the left is ten, then right is four.

Stop in side mode and hold for three seconds, change to the other side and hold for three seconds. 

Continue working for 40-60 seconds.Make three rounds of short rest between each set.


A. Lie on your back and get up in a sit up.

B. Work with your elbow against the opposite knee, as you pull toward your stomach. Elbow and knee should not meet completely. 

Always have parallel forearms and twist until the upper elbow is approximately 10 o’clock when you go one way and two o’clock to another. 

Work quietly and controlled every second time to the right, every second left. Continue for 3 x 40-60 seconds.


A. Lie on back with crossed legs.

B. Push the legs straight up to the ceiling, help with the hips, so that the buttocks slightly off the ground. 

Tighten your belly and keep in mind that it is the buttocks that are going up, not the back.

Move up and down carefully and continue for 3 x 40-60 seconds.


A. Stand in plank position with hands straight under the shoulders, not in front. Have a towel under each foot.

B. Pull one knee to the chest, go back, pull in the other leg, go back. 

Feel the movement and then work faster, but always with full control. Hold a pace for one second with your leg, one second back. 

Always try to keep your hips still and parallel, without dipping down the sides. 

Press the bellybutton against the spine. Work 3 x 40-60 seconds.


Lie on the side with the weight of the elbow / forearm and the outside of the lower foot. 

Push the hip up to the side, as high as you can, and stretch your free arm straight up. 

The hip should be in line with the torso, “lock” the body in that position and hold straight. Either you stay with the upper leg resting on the lower or you lift it so that you form a V with your legs. 

Then hold for 10-30 seconds. Repeat three times on each page.


A. Lie down, straight on your stomach, with arms and legs slightly up from the ground. Hold your water bottle in one hand and stretch your arms straight ahead. 

Imagine you are trying to reach the walls in front of and behind you with hands and toes.

B. Move your arms back, down to your buttocks and take the bottle in the other hand. Go back forward with your arms again and continue driving the bottle lap around. 

Keep in mind that you always have both legs and arms in the air.Continue around, for 30 seconds and then change direction. 

Run a total of 3 x 60 seconds.Tighten your stomach from start to finish and do not put your head down until you are done!


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