Exercise routine

Exercise routine step by step for one month:

This is how you get started with the exercise routine 2019.

The key to finding a training routine that works in everyday life is to give yourself the opportunity to succeed. 

It can of course sound quite obvious, but still many people start a new training period with goals higher than the best elitatletens. 

That is, goals that are very difficult to achieve. 

And even if you are aiming for the stars to reach the tree tops, during my years as a coach I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority who want to get started win big on entering the new routines instead of driving all the way into the tile.  

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to create a new exercise routine for a month.

We start with three words of wisdom along the way:

  • Hurry slowly
  • A little training is better than no training
  • Don’t worry about it more than necessary

Time to get started!

Week 1 What do you want the training to provide for results, what do you like to do, not do, what motivates you and how much time do you want to spend on your training? 

Use your first week to analyze your needs instead of aimlessly skipping the first best form of training. 

Getting started right away can of course work for some, but if you have a good foundation to stand on, that is, your personal recipe for successful training, then you have something to sit back on when the motivation fades. 

Consider a long-term goal and several smaller intermediate goals along the way. Write down your thoughts and set them up where you are constantly reminded of your goals.

Then bring out your calendar and plan into next week’s training sessions. If you start at zero then the classic mistake of entering seven gym visits does not make the first training week. 

If your goal in the long run is to bring in three passes a week plus everyday exercise then you can start by planning a passport and thinking about where you can squeeze in a little extra everyday movement. 

Do you feel two quick lunch walks and a trip to the gym during the weekend as a reasonable (and not too tough) start? 

Well, write them down. Now you have planned three points that should feel as important as the most important job meeting. 

Think about the goals you have set up and how much better you will feel when you start training!

exercise routine
exercise routine

Exercise routines week pass

Week 2 Time to complete the week’s pass. Hopefully, it goes well, evaluate if the time and place worked for you. 

If you tested a new form of exercise that did not feel quite a hundred, remember to give it a few times before dismissing it.

Before week 3 you can increase with another pass. 

Remember that we hurry slowly, if the time or the strength is not enough, so stay on for the first pass for another week. 

But keep in mind that the training sessions definitely do not have to mean a full hour of gym sweating. 

I cannot emphasize enough that it is the one who uses the time best as “winner”, not the one who spends the most hours in the gym. 

Fifteen-minute focused skins are better than strolling around for an hour among the dumbbells. 

Home training is a time-efficient alternative for the days you need to keep up with the training while the food is in the oven.

exercise routine
exercise routine

Week 3 Do you need some extra pepper? 

Check around if some of your colleagues or friends want to train together, or take some lunch walks together. 

If you and your training buddy do not have the same training arrangement then you can choose to run a few passports together and some others individually, make sure to pepper each other so that you get off to the training even when you drive separately. 

Facebook exercise routine

You can also try joining a training group on Facebook, or create your own with your friends. There you can share your progress, give tips and peppa – without having to be in the same place.

If you have run two passes in the last two weeks, it is time to retrieve the calendar again and tick when your two or three upcoming training sessions will be performed during the fourth week. 

Have as a routine to always plan on Sunday so that you do not have to think about when the week starts. Please add one of the passes already on Monday so that you kick off right away.

exercise routine
exercise routine

Double exercise routine

Week 4 Even if after a month you have reached (without any problems) to your three workouts (or other number) a week, there will be periods when you just don’t get it. 

And it’s okay, you have to be able to miss gympass without feeling unsuccessful so you lose motivation. 

Make no big deal of it but continue as soon as you have the opportunity by planning a new passport. 

As mentioned earlier, a little training is better than no training and it doesn’t matter if you “just” have a gympass though you are aiming for three. 

What we want is to create a long-term and sustainable training routine, right!

Finally, it is good to periodically evaluate how the training has recently gone and what changes you can make to continue to get results. 

You choose how often, it can be monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. If you feel you need some extra knowledge or pepping, please help with a trainer or a trained friend.

Good luck with the training!

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