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Exercise for arms

Exercise for arms with dumbbells

Strength school part 1 exercise for arms for strong arms

In the strength school you get a series of effective exercises that you can do at home in the living room. Each program focuses on a particular muscle group. In this training program, the arms are mainly trained.

A pair of dumbbells with removable weight plates is all that is needed for you to decorate a gym at home.

Training for arms

Muscular upper arms give a strong impression. If you want larger muscles on the upper arms, you need to practice both the front (biceps) and the back (triceps). It is actually the triceps that the fastest makes the arms look bigger. There are many different exercises to choose from, and many of them activate both the arms and many others of the body’s muscles.


The classic: Do 3-4 sets of each exercise with 45-90 second rest between sets.

Make sure to increase the load gradually so that exercise becomes more varied and you develop.

The rest periods should be longer as the load increases.

»Week 1–2: 12–15 repetitions per set.

»Week 3–4: 9–12 repetitions per set.

»Week 5: 6–9 repetitions per set.

If the exercise is done without weights, it is good to do as many repetitions as possible.

The quick: If the time is short, or if you want to train the fitness more, then you can run the program as a circular training session.

Do two or three exercises at a stretch (1 set of each exercise) before resting. When you finish all the exercises, you start over again from the beginning.

It is more difficult to do several exercises at a stretch, and you will be more tired.

NOTE! Don’t run too fast in the beginning before you have learned the right technique.

This is needed when training for arms:

Two dumbbells with removable weight plates so you can adjust the weight. In total, the weight plates should weigh about 40 kg in different sizes.

Goblet squats


Bicep curls are one of the best ways to strengthen the arm muscles and get rid of hang.


Stand with your feet in shoulder width and your knees slightly bent.

Take a weight in each hand with your palms facing out and your arms hanging along the body.

Slowly and with control, you then bend your elbows as if you were going to touch the shoulders with the weights.

Then slowly lower them while inhaling.
When you raise your arms again you breathe out.
Do three sets of ten repetitions.

Exercise for arms and shoulders

Exercise for arms using dips

Get firm arms with dips
Tricepdips is a strengthening exercise that helps you keep your shoulders, arms and back strong. They should be made on a stable surface, such as a bench or chair.


With your back against a chair (or whatever surface you want), place your hands on the seat.

Stretch your legs and slightly bend your knees.
From this position, you bend your elbows and lower your hips. However, do not touch the floor.

Raise back up to the starting position.
Do three sets of ten repetitions.


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