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Exercise butt

Exercise butt and exercises for butt

Exercises for the buttox

Exercises for buttox that give you a strong, firm and stylish butt.

Here PT tells MB about his favorites and how to do them in the best way, both at the gym and at home using dumbbells.

We are all different and the results will vary from person to person. Combine the exercises with a good diet and long walks, says MB.

  • If you do the exercises three times a week, you will surely feel and see a result after only a few weeks.
  • Just don’t forget to challenge yourself and make the exercises heavier and more challenging, he says.

Squats is exercises for butt

exercise butt
exercise butt

Exercise for women

Squats are a very good exercise for the butt and basically goes to do anytime – anywhere!

To get an even better result, you have the right technology. Here, Marcus Bergström shows you how to do the exercise in the best way.

3 x 15 repetitions

Draw lines on the wall and make exercises for butt

butt exercises
butt exercises

Do not forget the side of the buttocks when doing your room exercises!

This one is wonderfully good, easy to perform and it will really feel the day after.

3 x 15 repetitions

Forward lunges exercises for butt

exercises for butt
exercises for butt


Forward Lunge

Superb exercise that also exercises all leg muscles and improves your posture.

An easy way to make the results heavier is to hold two filled water bottles or carry a backpack with weights in while doing the exercise.

3 x 10 repetitions (on each leg)

On the gym or not?

Of course, there is an advantage in visiting a gym and where you can use all the machines, weights and good advice available there.

The latter should definitely not be underestimated. To get inspiration from other members and the exercises they are attached to and partly important!

Ask the staff for help, simply, better results and minimize the risk of injury.

When it comes to training the buttocks it is so that many exercises can be done in the home – but that in order to achieve the best result, a combination is required.

Don’t be afraid of the gym; It is about a place where everyone has the same goal – to feel better and get a more beautiful body.

You will feel community and you will – as soon as you get into a habit – not be able to live without your gym visits. We guarantee that.

The butt and the gym then, what exercises work and what should you put your focus on?

There are some that we think stand out a little and which we think you should focus on in the first place.


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