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Do anabolic steroids age your face?

Do anabolic steroids age your face?

Do anabolic steroids age your face? Not exactly, even if it can look like that sometimes it’s not true. Many bodybuilders give up their sole to become the best and biggest bodybuilder, bodybuilding is a sport IFBB Internation federation of bodybuilding, and of course like in any other sports the winner often gets very rich, get’s on tv, and hired to make movies and so on. I can’t remember any sport out there where the participants did not trying to manipulate their bodies to be able to win!

Much work

So these bodybuilder guy’s train very very hard and kind of wear out the body a little. Another big (the biggest reason for the question: Do anabolic steroids age your face?: is that when a male person take anabolic steroids, the excessive amount of testosterone’s and testosterone derivatives as well makes you a real man so to say, if you weren’t a man before, you will definitely become a very male’ish person after a small time with testosterone intake!

While the years go by

After some years your face changes always of course, but what happened with the bodybuilder that took to much testosterone and their derivatives is that all his male’ness was getting to the roof, the wings over the eyes that all male has is now suddenly to cover the sun, the cheek and cheek bone is more wide, both the facial hair as well as the body hair increased with double, and the muscles of course too, it’s like they look angry! You can say that they over menly, they are to much men. The only thing that doesn’t increase is their testicles.

So the answer to do anabolic steroids age your face?

The steroid face does not ages but changes a lot.

I’ve also noticed this with Marc Lobliner and Jerry Ward. Marc is 33 and his face looks like late 40s. Jerry Ward is 38 and his facial hair is mostly gray.

What’s the deal? I’m 30. The guys I hang out with are the same age and we don’t look anywhere near as aged and wrinkled and gray as those guys. Most 30 somethings aren’t gray and wrinkled. Do anabolic steroids age your face?

I think, maybe the constant weight fluctuations, bulking then cutting, makes the skin stretch out more. And maybe the stress and strain from years of running whatever chemicals their running might have some effect as well.

What do you think? Do bodybuilders look older than they really are? Do anabolic steroids age your face?

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