Clomiphene for men

Clomiphene for men
Clomiphene for men

Clomiphene for men for PCT

Clomiphene for men is an anti-estrogenic drug that is abused by men after a cure to deal with the underproduction of the body’s own testosterone production when taking AAS and to prevent gynecomastia, breast enlargement.

In the healthcare system, the drug is used for fertility treatment as it stimulates ovulation and also stimulates the secretion of testosterone. Klomifen is a drug class in USA and a doping class according to section 1d, and a doping class in sports.

Medical use with Clomiphene for men

Clomiphene or clomiphene citrate is an anti-estrogenic drug. In medicine, clomiphene is used for fertility treatment by both women and men. The preparation may only be used under the supervision of a gynecologist, urologist, or physician who is active in hospitals specialized in the field in question.

Clomifene for women

In women, clomiphene strives to achieve ovulation. The substance is given in daily doses of 50-100 milligrams in a particular stage of menstrual cycle for five days.

Clomifene for men

In men, therapeutic doses of clomiphene stimulate the secretion of testosterone. You can try to increase the amount of sperm in the seminal fluid with clomiphene.

The substance is normally given in doses of 50 milligrams per day for 2-3 months. After this, a break is maintained, the length of which depends on the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) measured in serum.

Clomiphene for men abuse

Clomiphene is a doping agent in accordance with the Penal Code. Especially men using anabolic steroids generally use clomiphene or any other antiestrogen (eg, tamoxifen) as additional medication.

The purpose of clomiphene is in this case to inhibit the side effects of estrogen as an overdose of anabolic steroids.

The estrogen problems arise from anabolic steroids in the body being converted to estrogen or metabolic products that have estrogenic properties.

In men, side effects that occur include enlarged breasts (gynecomastia) and coagulation disorders in the blood.

Although clomiphene stimulates the secretion of testosterone, its muscle enlargement effect is practically negligible.

It should also be taken into account that in large doses, clomifene switches from being an antiestrogen to being an estrogen: small doses block estrogen receptors, but large doses stimulate them.

For this reason, clomiphene is not used in high doses even in conjunction with anabolic steroids.

Side effects

When clomiphene is used in therapeutic doses, side effects occur in about 10-20 percent of patients. Common side effects include: headaches, scams, nausea and vomiting, nervousness, insomnia and vision disorders.

In women, clomiphene can cause multiple births and bleeding in the uterus. Therefore, before the use of clomiphene, women should always undergo a gynecological examination.

In continuous use, or in large doses, clomiphene may increase the risk of hormonal cancers. Clomiphene can also give rise to visual disturbances, blood clots and, in men at doses with estrogen effect, enlarged mammary glands (gynecomastia).