Caster Semenya Loses Her Case Against The IAAF


The International Association of Athletic Federations decided to ban Caster Semenya  from competition. She lost her case in the  Court of Arbitration for Sport.   According to this ruling women with a certain testosterone level, intersex, or has differences in sexual development will not be allowed to compete in women’s divisions. There is a condition they can compete with hormone treatments. This decision was probably not the best one. It enables discrimination, while claiming to be about protecting fairness. If it were truly fair  women of all different biological and physiological types should have a platform to compete. The new testosterone rule will eventually effect all women negatively. Female athletes may all have to get their testosterone levels checked if they want to be part of international competition. The new testosterone ruling only seems to revive the sex verification tests of the 20th century.  Women in the past were subject to nude examination, chromosome testing, and other methods to prove their sex. It is no secret that the sports world has a problem with sexism and gender discrimination. Caster Semenya case only provides evidence of that. Racism may also be a factor. So far, the only athletes questioned about their the authenticity of their sex have been either African or Asian competitors. Dutee Chand an Indian athlete also faced similar harassment by international sports bodies.  The regulation on testosterone will eventually be dismantled when it becomes too arbitrary and problematic. This may take some time, but it seems a step backwards in terms of women’s progress in athletics. Hopefully, Caster Semenya will be allowed to compete again without targeted harassment by international sports organizations.

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