Galenika a.d., as the first pharmaceutical plant in the region, has been given a name by Galen, a father of scientific pharmacy, who lived in II century AD. Our company was founded on 18th July 1945 by the decision of the Economic Council of the Federative People’s Republic of Yugoslavia. At that time Galenika a.d. had 43 employees.

The basic activity of our company lies in manufacturing of medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials, parapharmacfeuticals and dental products. Galenika a.d. has been extremely fast in conquering domestic market, and the developmental turning point was the construction of the new plant in 1978, which enabled us to decisively move beyond the national borders.

The last decade of the XX century was difficult, full of political and economic problems that followed the work of Galenika a.d. and made it more difficult. At that time our company underwent through various structural, organizational, proprietary and many other changes. Consequences were great and impacted our status and business operation. Situation improved with decline of political and economic tensions. In 2005 Galenika a.d. has entered the next stage of its development, continued with unaltered intensity.

Today, Galenika a.d. has a stable and improved operation, clearly defined course of development and impressive results that can be seen not only in awards, but in business indicators as well.

We successfully completed certification audit for business compliance of Galenika a.d. with international standards ISO 9001:2015, HACCP system. We obtained a certificate for manufacturing and sales of medicinal and dietary products and common use products. Audit has confirmed the modernization of our entire business operation, and we, accordingly, have been given the right to use CE mark on the products from our dental plant and parapharmaceutical plant. Likewise, in accordance with positive report of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, Galenika a.d. has obtained a GMP certificate, which confirms that the manufacturing of cephalosporin capsules, i.e. medicines for human use, is in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines.

Apart from investments, the latest of which is the construction of the €50 million new plant formally opened in July 2010, Galenika a.d. has several other capital projects in the final stages of planning. Apart from the internal investments, the second pillar of company’s strategic development is the expansion of export markets.

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