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Ciccone Labs

Ciccone Labs
Ciccone Pharma and TNT Mercury Supplement Wholesaler (Pty) Ltd trading as Ciccone SA-Online ( The core business of this company is to distribute hardcore (not life style) supplements. Ciccone SA distributes directly to physique and bodybuilding athletes by using an online platform and delivering via courier.

Mission Statement

The inspiration for founding the company was to distribute and supply the most hardcore supplement brands to the bodybuilding community and deliver first class service to our customers. We strive to build close relationships with our end users, and deliver to the needs of each and every client independently.

The two Supplement Brands that will be represented by Cicconesa are Ciccone Pharma Supplements and TNT Mercury. The two brands chosen meets our criteria of being the most hardcore in the industry. Both brands deliver the best superior grade supplements by formulating it with the highest ratios and most exotic of ingredients.

General Info on the Supplement Brands:

Ciccone Pharma:

When Ciccone Pharma formulates its products we do not consider the price as the primary objective. The first and most important consideration when formulating the Ciccone Pharma supplements is making sure the formulas are effective and achieves results. We reach our objectives by adding the best quality ingredients and the maximum dose allowed per serving.

Ciccone Pharma imports some exotic ingredients from our suppliers and laboratories all over the world that no other supplement brand in South Africa is allowed to add to their catalogue..

Every exotic ingredient imported from all over the world undergoes a third party laboratory analysis done by Professor Yonghui Deng at Fudan University in Shanghai. In South Africa every batch of the finished product is also tested and a copy of the dated results is included with every product released into the market place. The local testing gets done by Merieux NutriSciences in Midrand.

Ciccone Pharma will be distributed through its own select distribution network and very seldom be sold through a retail store. We do however have a select few stores that will be allowed to stock the product.

TNT Mercury:

TNT Mercury formulates its products by maximizing the amount of quality ingredients as well as the maximum dose of every ingredient allowed per serving. TNT Mercury does this while staying price competitive to compete with other brands on the South African market.

TNT Mercury will be distributed through normal retail shops and it will be the best quality hardcore supplement the consumer is able to purchase while still paying a competitive and reasonable price.

Ciccone Pharma supplements will always be more expensive than TNT Mercury because Ciccone Pharma Supplements are formulated as a brand that is by no means competitive in price but beats everything on ingredient quality and volume.

Ciccone Pharma and TNT Mercury compliment each other perfectly in respect of two totally different distribution channels; two totally different marketing segments being targeted and two totally different pricing structures being followed. The two brands working together forms a perfect synergy and caters for the entire hardcore supplement market.

The only thing TNT Mercury and Ciccone Pharma Supplements has in common is that both brands are hardcore and neither brands cater for the life style market.

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