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Bodybuilding food

Bodybuilding food and dinner tips

This is about nutrition for bodybuilding food.

If you talk about bodybuilding food it is usually about big winnings, and so does it here, even if it is not about the tip.

If you follow these bodybuilding food rules, I promise that you will win a high profit in the form of a body in very good shape.

Bodybuilding food
Bodybuilding food

Do not underestimate the fat!

You need energy to grow! Fat gives more than twice as much energy as carbohydrates and protein, making it an important nutrient for those who want to increase muscle mass.

In addition, the fat is important for testosterone secretion and your fat burning. About 20% of the energy should come from unsaturated fats (found in vegetables and fish) in order to optimally build muscle.

Use functional foods

Think functional foods when shopping for food. What are functional foods? You sure wonder. Well, it’s food that gives more than just nutrition.

It may be, for example, flaxseed and soy, which have a positive effect on your hormone balance or omega-3 enriched eggs, or eggs with the antioxidant astaxanthin added.

Keep in mind that any food you eat should contain good fat, antioxidants, phytonutrients or some other important substances for your muscle growth.

Supplement the supplements

Dietary supplements should never replace food, but only serve as an enhancer or supplement to your regular diet.

Also, be sure that the supplements you use really work and give you the effect you want to achieve. Many supplements are not affordable and some give the opposite effect or are even dangerous.

Eat all nutrients

All nutrients as fat, protein and carbohydrates fill their functions for those who want to build muscle.

They stimulate various constructive hormones, provide energy and fill different functions such as fuel and building blocks.

The nutrients also have a synergistic effect, which means you should eat them together for the best muscle building results.

They simply help each other and thus you to build a more muscular physique.

Understand the carbohydrates

Learn how your body reacts to different carbohydrate sources. There is a big difference between, for example, pasta and mashed potatoes how they affect your body and its hormones.

The key to understanding this is the glycemic index. It affects muscle building, fat storage, endurance and health.

Be in an anabolic phase

You can build muscle as long as you have enough blood sugar. As long as you have it, the body knows that it can afford to build muscle and will do so.

Your blood sugar is high enough to stimulate muscle growth 3-4 hours after a normal-sized meal. This means that you have to eat every 3 to 4 hours to really have the opportunity to grow.

If you wait longer than that, your valuable muscle mass will be broken down and converted into blood sugar.

Eat a lot of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are by far the most anabolic nutrient, as it releases the anabolic hormone insulin.

This hormone is also a stimulant for the body to release other anabolic hormones such as IGF-1 and testosterone.

It is therefore virtually impossible to build an impressive muscle mass without sufficient amounts of carbohydrates.

In addition, the carbohydrates are needed to fill your muscles with the valuable glycogen, which is the main fuel when training hard.

Don’t neglect the breakfast most important bodybuilding food

The breakfast is the days most anti-catabolic meal, ie it counteracts muscle breakdown in a very effective way.

During the night the blood sugar drops and if you do not raise it again with a proper breakfast it will be impossible for the muscles to grow.

Eat right before exercise

You need to properly recharge your glycogen deposits before performing a good muscle building exercise.

If you exercise in the morning you should therefore eat quite a lot of carbohydrates already in the evening before the traing.

If you are evening-trained, however, you have several meals on you to load the glycogen stores to their max.

The glycogen deposits are the most important single factor for the strength and strength of the training.

Eat right after exercise

After the workout you have to eat! It is, together with breakfast, the most important meal of the whole day.

After the workout, the muscles are broken down and the glycogen deposits are greatly reduced, and if you want results, you must eat as soon as you can after the workout.

You should have both carbohydrates and protein to really grow, and here the weight gain drinks fulfill an important function. They provide fast nutrition in the right composition at the right time.

Drink water and eat fruits

bodybuilding food

Bodybuilding food

Virtually all chemical reactions in your body occur in an aqueous environment. If you become dehydrated, everything will work worse, including fat burning, muscle building and endurance.

Check your bodybuilding food nutrition

Everyone should at some point make an analysis of what one actually gets in one day.

The classic way is to weigh everything you eat for three days and then manually calculate the protein, fat and carbohydrate intake.

This is done a couple of times a year to follow developments. You already get the number of calories and energy percentages you get from the different nutrients and can thus assess whether you are eating right to be able to build muscle.

A very good tool when doing this is a good diet program, such as a diet coach, for your computer.

Bodybuilding food to vary the diet

Varying their diet is a sure way to succeed. One of the benefits of eating a varied diet is that the body does not get used to a certain intake.

In addition, the risk is minimal that you suffer from any deficiency as you will surely get in all the vitamins and minerals you need.


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