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Best weight loss program

Best weight loss program for you.

Jax’s 5 Best Tricks to Lose Weight and free weight loss program (Without Dieting).

Losing weight does not have to be so complicated.

Finding and keeping a normal weight should also not have to be tiring. Here, Jax shares his five best tips, from his book “Slim for life“, on how to easily find normal weight and keep it alive – without ever dieting.

Do not remove a nutrient group

You do not lose weight by removing carbohydrates or fat. Weight loss is about how much energy you eat, and how much energy you spend.

However, it is beneficial to choose slow carbohydrates and good fats. And to take care of eating excessively much carbohydrate or fat.

Don’t skip a meal

If you skip breakfast or lunch you will only get very hungry, which increases the risk of overeating later.

Don’t eat lots of small meals

It is also not good to eat too often. Then insulin is pumped into the body all the time. Four meals a day is enough – every four hours.

Best weight loss program

For example:

Best weight loss program
Best weight loss program

Drink enough water

Drink enough water
Drink enough water

If you have a good fluid balance in your body, you get more energy, better immune system and you also become less hungry.

Therefore, drink water so often that your pee looks like light lemon juice. If your pee like apple juice you drink too little! 😉

Training for weight loss

Find a training form you love. And do more of it.If you think it is fun to practice, you will continue with it for several years to come (and enjoy it).

Here are some examples of fun training or exercise that can motivate you – maybe you will find something that suits you!

Eat train sleep repeat or remain the same.



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