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Legal and good with credit card payment!

Back in 1995 – 2000 it wasnt really illegal to sell steroids online, we were the first, and Visa and Mastercard just jumped on that boat together with all major banks. And we all made literlly millions of dollars per year while “today’s legal guys and other important guys and men still havent learned how to talk yet. You know it was so new all this with the internet (everyone of you that was born around the 80 – 90¨s maybe think that it was always there?) So we all played legal for at least 10-15 years getting enough money to become millionaires all of us doing the same thing at that same time (3 guys lol). The bankes and the bank men loved us ofcourse, its different now when we have metoo lol. Easy to pay was the first getting rich over this.
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